Carpool or Hitchhiking?

Carpooling and hitchhiking are two unconventional and interesting ways of traveling, both have advantages and disadvantages.

Hitchhiking is mostly preferred by backpacker students, but also ideal for everyone who would like to travel completely free and feel wanderlust. Usually in case of hitchhiking we don’t have to pay at all. But if the driver took us far, we can offer to pay little money.

Nowadays carpooling and online carpool services are becoming increasingly popular. It is not completely free, but good for those who would like to save money and have new experiences. As for the expenses, it is also very cheap, we only have to pay our share of the gas and nothing else. Carpooling is similar to hitchhiking in many aspects, but is much more safety and conditions of the traveling are more calculable. With the help of online carpool services, we can choose between destinations, dates, drivers, or we can post ads as either a passenger or a driver. Traveling with a fellow-passenger can be useful for drivers, too. Passengers can share driving responsibilities and expenses. Traveling with unknown people also increases the chances of a pleasant conversation and to get to know nice people.

Hitchhiking is much more spontaneous, it can be attractive for some people, but it is recommended to be careful: first of all do not sit in a car if the driver is suspicious. What’s more, you can note down even the license plate number if you have heard too many horrifying stories or seen scary films. In our days, hitchhiking is allegedly less frequent, one of the reasons may be the higher crime. But the real disadvantage of hitchhiking is that it’s not responsible at all, success of the travel depends on many things. In some cases we can stand next to the road for long hours. Our sex, our appearance, time and the place we are standing are all decisive factors. We have to look normal, well dressed, trusty.

It is easy to start conversation in a car, we can hear interesting stories and can get to know people. Both hitchhiking and carpooling are flexible and practical ways of traveling not only for students.