What makes us different?

Ride4cents.org maintains your safety and your privacy:

a) IP Numbers of registered users are stored in the system (You can find
your IP number in the user panel and in your received Private Messages) .
The IP number is a unique number of every computer connected to Internet .
If needed, it is possible to ascertain identity of any user.

b) Our user rating system allows you evaluate other users
(similar to the one used by e-bay).

c) The administrator can verify personal data of the users (" Be trustworthy!" ).

d) You can hide your e-mail, telephone numbers and your photograph in your profile
(You can always be reached by Private Messages).

e) E-mail verification is required in the registration process.

2. Users can add their cities into the system.

3. Regionalisation: the search system not only looks for adverts from a chosen city
but also from its area (smaller cities are assigned to the main region city).

4. The system recognizes cities which users travel through and adds regional adverts accordingly.

5. Our price calculator helps you calculate your fare.