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42 countries, 17 languages and over 300 departures and destinations mark the proud balance of our European wide carpooling website. First time on this page? Click here.
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Carpool - your carpooling service in Europe. At our website, you can find someone who is looking for a ride, or find an extra seat in a someone else's vehicle. Whichever option you choose all travellers share in the transportation costs , which means less money out of your pocket travelling to and from your destination.

Our service is perfectly set-up for those individuals who travel unconventionally throughout Europe and who enjoy getting-to-know nice people. Tourists are able to use our service within their own budget limits while experiencing the European way of travelling. Alongside this money-saving service, a trip with the “e-carpool Network” also offers European wide contacts to fellow open-minded individuals, increasing the chances of a pleasant conversation, which have the added value of speeding up a long trip.
"Carpooling (ridesharing) is shared use of a car, in particular for commuting to work, often by people who each have a car but travel together to save costs. There are sometimes special facilities for carpoolers, including high-occupancy vehicle lanes specifically for cars with multiple riders.
As most cars are designed for a maximum of 4-5 persons but only are occupied by 1 person, car pooling has great potential to improve the capacity of congested traffic corridors in cities, with minimal investment in infrastructure. Higher occupancy rates also can reduce consumption of oil thereby reducing corresponding political and economic risks, reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, reduce common pollution, and save considerable expenses from gasoline, oil, tires, auto depreciation, tolls, parking, and in some cases insurance. Carpools may provide social connections in an increasingly disconnected society."

Hitchhiking (also called lifting, thumbing or hitching, Thumb up a ride) is a form of transport, in which the traveller tries to get a lift (ride) from another traveller